Monday, 9 January 2012

United we stand against disabling practices.

I was recently contacted by Sue Marsh passionate campaigner blogger and all round disability activist to support her joint initiative with Kaliya Franklin to bust a few myths around the so called benefit "reform".

Despite their disability these two women have put together a team comprising disabled people friends and carers whose sole aim is to stand up to money saving reform which targets the most vulnerable people in society.

As a carer I was proud to contribute to the fund they have set up to finance their report and as a mother of two disabled children I wholeheartedly thank them for what they are doing not just for themselves but for everyone who receives benefits enabling them to live.

Special thanks goes to the amazing Sarah Campbell who wrote the majority of the report.

They're not scroungers they're what the politicians refer to as genuine claimants yet Sue Marsh has recently been refused DLA. if it can happen to her it can happen to anyone.

As she details in her blog:

"We did everything possible to engage with politicians, lobbying MPs and Peers, writing articles, attending conferences, but at every turn we were brushed aside. 

Despite serious concerns from campaigners, charities and disabled people themselves, the Government's the recent Impact Assessment (October 2011) into the proposed reform of Disability Living Allowance is almost identical to the original. Nothing has changed, almost none of our concerns have been addressed and as the House of Lords return to vote on the final stages of the welfare reform bill, we felt that it was vital we presented our own evidence. 

This is the Spartacus Report. We all own it, we all created it. It is yours, use it in any way you wish. Please join in the campaign online today if you aren't already signed up:"

Please join me in supporting them in anyway you can. Without disabled people and carers fighting as we do the future is bleak and uncertain for all of us.

Below via Scope is that report.

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