Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The reason I need a break.

I found this horrible conversation and more like it after one of the participants linked to my blog. I clicked on stats on my blog and the link took me to a comedy forum which prides itself on being expert on comedy.

 Strangely they have a nice line in discussing me, a carer and disability rights campaigner. I  found more  hateful nonsense like this on there and more on the timeline.

It's cruel, untrue and totally warped interpretations of a simple interview and a positive review of Derek.

I campaign against this sort of bullying and for no reason other than the positive blog about a TV show have had my whole personality and campaigning reduced to vile myth and rumour. This is bullying, it's sexist and foul.

One of the participants was tweeting Isabel Fay complimenting her on her great film, yet he was more than happy to conduct himself in this way about me.

It's worth asking why, for nothing more than a positive appraisal of a kind representation of a vulnerable character, I've drawn such loathing but there we are.


  1. I used to be on a number of forums related to my interests and experienced a lot of insults when I was never offensive when I disagreed with someone. Unfortunately though when you put your head above the parapet as you (and I) have done, there are always people waiting to shoot you down. It says much more about their own lack of integrity than anything else. On a personal note I think you will benefit from a break. Your work will continue anyway, but without the abuse and bullying. You can always contact me via email if you want to. All the best for now. Jill

  2. That is just disgusting. You definitely deserve a break from that sort of thing, Nicky. Take care of yourself.

  3. You don't in any way deserve that kind of crap being spoken about you Nicky. Your tweets are always enlightening and in support of the people that society is most often to forget. Have a holiday, you deserve it.

  4. We know better Nicky and you need this break so that you can come back with a clear mind, rested and ready to take on the ignorant wanna bees. As I've said before they clearly don't have a life and don't know how to debate like adults it's evident by their behaviour. You've got more class in your little finger than they can even dream of having, see you soon ;-) xx

  5. This isn't bullying, Nicky. Am I allowed to comment here? I see you've blocked me from Twitter - despite us both unfollowing each other months ago - so I'm enquiring if I have any sort of right to reply here.

    To accuse me of a "whispering campaign" and of having "trawled your tweets" is simply untrue, and I'd like the opportunity to put this all in context. The accusations of "bullying" and "sexism" are troubling to me - also, the other two participants in this (admittedly less-than-pleasant) conversation are vagina-owners, I wonder if that changes anything? (I'm aware you can still be sexist towards the same sex.)

    I wrote a blog about you, and mentioned you on my forum, but had no intent to hurt you personally. Rather, my criticisms have mostly reacted to what I see as you being exploited by someone else. Although, yes, fair cop with the 'starry-eyed' stuff.

    I'd like to discuss this with you further, if you're up for it. You've got a very wrong idea about some things.

  6. I mean, ultimately you've held a glass up to the wall to see what people say about you behind your back, and then reacted very, very negatively when some of it is less than positive.

    If we'd been @ing you in on the chat, then yes, that would be very unpleasant, and bullying behaviour. But we didn't do that - we were gossiping, and sparing your feelings by talking behind your back.

    It's not strange that my forum has a line in discussing you - you've been mentioned in a handful of posts, because you have been closely intertwined with comedy drama, and because you blog on the subject (e.g. most recently at the weekend, I believe, about Frankie Boyle.) People are going to have opinions on this, and on what you say, Nicky, and not all of it will be flattering, particularly when you search out what has been said 'behind your back.'

  7. Neil it's bad enough you choose to attack me on your forum which I didn't search but which you linked to therefore leading me there I suppose to ensure I saw it but to post here to "defend" yourself is ludicrous. The comments in that conversation we're repellant not "opinions" as you like to claim.
    My comments re comedy are around disability your comments are around me personally. The fact that you can't see this is tiresome and typical of people trying to defend the indefensible.

  8. PS Neil you don't have to be a man to be sexist women are equally culpable of denigrating women as demonstrated here.

  9. No, my whole point is that I was talking behind your back - why do you think I "led you" to my forum? Where did I do this?

    Your comments on comedy also contain personal comments about the people who make them, Nicky. E.g.

    "Whereas Davidson is overt, obvious and blatant in his bigotry, Boyle, like the teacher he wanted to be, is educating us lesser souls that he knows best and we really need to listen. Call it satire, but to me, it’s just vile with a smile.

    Yes, I know women can also be sexist, and said as much.

    I don't agree that posting here to defend myself is ludicrous, but I value nuance and open discussion, whereas you want to paint people as bullies, RT them so your followers attack them, and then block them so you get the last word.

  10. Neil if you want a private conversation have you considered DM You want a public disintegration that's why you are putting your comments about me online.

    On my blog there is a pageviews page with links to th places where my blog has been shared. I clicked on your fourm and that is where I found most of the comments about me. I clicked on the timeline and there were more.

    The point is why do you feel the need to denigrate me in this way? Just because I wrote a positive blog about Derek. You loathe Gervais and devote entire pages to this full of gossip and personal comments. You're adoration for Chris Morris is clear but I fail to see where that loathing and love extend to denigrating me as a disability rights campaigner.

    I wrote an article about Boyle this allows a deconstruction of his comedy I wasn't just gossiping about a campaigner ( I notice you posted on their too. )

    I wouldn't pull at the nuance and open discussion thread if I were you. Suggesting the things you have done both on the forum and on twitter stretches credulity that this was a debate. It was an attack on me and my campaigning which given that it talks mainly to the heart of hate crime is sad.

    I would ask you not to post on here again. I have given you a right to reply which, it must be said you and your gossip circle denied me. Anymore from you on this topic is redundant IMO as you are repeating the right to free speech rubbish when all you wanted was to vent your anger which is odd.