Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nicky Clark

Mummy loves  Emily

Emily look it's a photo of you and me. I love you so much and so does Daddy. We will see you really soon for a big hug and I'm so happy face that you are having a good time with your friends.

Here is your favourite song for happy dancing fun. Lots of love. Mummy and Daddy. (kisses)


  1. Hello Emily, I hear you're having a lovely time at your new school with your friends. That makes me really happy. Lots of love Fiona xxx

  2. Hello Emily. That is a lovely photo of you and your Mummy. Hope you are having fun. Love Alexa xxx

  3. Hi Em! Hope you're having a great time at your new school! Everyone is so proud of you, me and all of your family included! I know Mummy will miss you a lot and so will I! Hopefully see you soon! xxx

    Hi Nicky! I know Emily will do brilliantly at her new school and it will be amazing to see her grow into a beautiful independent woman! I know it will be hard, but she will be so happy in her new surroundings! Love you lots
    Orla xxx

  4. Alex (Nomadic_Man)15 November 2012 at 21:48

    Hello Emily. My name is Alex and I'm a big fan of your Mummy and her writing. She's very good at it isn't she?

    From your Mummy's writing I'm really pleased to see that you are enjoying your new School so much. That's great!

    And it's great too that you have a song for happy dancing from the Little Mermaid. I'll let you into a BIG secret Emily. Don't tell anyone okay?


    I HAVE A HAPPY DANCE SONG TOO!!! Actually I have TWO!! They are from the Lion King - I just can't wait to be King and Hakuna Matata. Do you know them?

    (Nicky - links to both -

    In fact Emily I have another secret that I'll share just with you.

    No one's listening are they? Good.

    When no one is around I turn the sound up full and I dance and I sing as loud as I can! It's true!! Even grown ups need to sing and dance!

    Just don't tell anyone okay?

    Alex :)

  5. Hi Emily

    Your mummy has been telling us how you are enjoying your new school. That's great news.
    I hope you have a pretty bedroom & the food is nice too.

    I like the photograph of you & your mum, you both look very happy in this picture.

    My nephew Charlie is a big fan of that under the sea song too.

    Take care,
    from Lorna x