Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Disability Hate Speech Survey results.

Disability Hate Speech is more than just words, Hate Crime begins with Verbal Abuse

This is the response summary from my survey.

Respondants to the survey were divided into 3 groups

Disabled person-56.7%
Paid/family carer or friend. 36.1%
Not disabled/carer/friend 11.3%

Where did you experience disability hate speech?
84% of disabled people/carers have encountered hate speech in person
11.7% online
4.3% in the media (print ,radio, television or online)

How did it make you feel?
53.1% of disabled people /carers felt angry by the hate speech
19% felt helpless
15% felt hurt
8.2% accepted disability hate speech as a part of life

Did you misunderstand?
52% of disabled people and carers  encountering disability hate speech knew it was hate speech
27% thought the speaker was unaware that it was hate speech
14.4% thought it might be hate speech
4.1% wondered if it might be a joke
1% knew it was a joke

When did this happen?
27% of disabled people/carers has experienced hate speech in the last month,
23% in the last 6 months,
18.2% in the last week,
14.1% in the last year,
12% in the last 5 years
2% more than 5 years ago.
3 % have never encountered  disability hate speech.

Who should deal with disability hate speech?
37% of disabled people and carers feel that the responsibility for dealing with hate speech lies with individuals
35% feel it’s politicians
11.5% feel it's Newspaper/News outlet editors
9.4% feel it's parents
3% feel it's Broadcasters
3% feel it's Teachers

As a disabled person what happened to you?
30.6% of disabled people have encountered hate speech suggesting that they’re not actually disabled,
27% a mocking jibe/joke
18% a mocking epithet for disability used abusively,
14% an accusation that they were claiming unjustified benefits,
4% A threat to their personal safety
5.1% other

How did you react?
28% of disabled people encountering hate speech did not respond to the abuse.
26% were too upset/shocked  to respond.
22% responded calmly
7.3% were upset but attempted to respond
7.3% attempted to explain their disability
3.7% did not attempt to explain their disability
1.2% asked the speaker to stop.

As a friend or carer were you included?
56% of carers/friends of the disabled people targeted were included/verbally abused
43% of carer/friends were not included/verbally abused.

When you saw this happening to a disabled person what did you do?
25.9% of those witnessing disability hate speech did not respond to the abuse.
25.9% responded calmly
13.8% were too upset to respond
10.3% asked them to stop.
10.3 % responded angrily.
 8.6% attempted to explain the disability
5.2 % were upset but attempted to respond

NB-This survey had 140 completions

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