Sunday, 11 August 2013

Twitter Mobs for Dummies

1)  Identify a person with an aggressive personality on Twitter (don't confuse this with being assertive. Assertive people don't need to bully anyone) As a weak person yourself, you need to find someone who seems "strong". This person is now your leader. You are going to be part of their mob or as they prefer to say "friend".

2)  Make sure your potential leader/shepherd speaks to issues which all right minded people know are wrong, like racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny etc. The leaders accusation is enough to prove this accusation is true. The leader does not broker challenge. If they think someone is a misogynist then that target is just that. Dissent produces more targets (liberal use of the word "apologist" renders dissent null and void) The leader is now your “authority”, your moral compass  and your "voice against all injustice" NB :It's quite important to jettison a sense of humour now. It will only slow you down.

3)   Follow.

4) Engage with the leader if at all possible, usually with compliments so that they know you are available to participate in one of their mobbings (As a mob member you don't get to decide who that person is, your leader will decide who that person is. Your job is to show up on the targets timeline and be repeatedly unreasonable, assured of your own correctness and abusive.Do not bother the leader with any details/facts/your opinion)

5)   Be vigilant for signs of target transgressions. This will come in the form of a RT of a target's blog or Tweet, or article. Target has now been placed on the “list”

6)   Wait for the leaders opinion on the target. It will be furiously pointed out and may be followed by a lengthy and detailed blog and/or storify.Agree wholly and completely with this opinion.

7)   Distribute this opinion/storify/blog widely amongst your friends. That is the point of you.

8)   You are now in second phase twitter mob. You may get RT'd at this point. You will be described as an "Ally". Being an ally is a good thing. So much more positive, and empowering than the truth. Remember you and the group of many against one, are "NOT" bullies. The target is the bully.

9)   Add some “useful” detail of your own. Use words like “disgusting” and “vile” and "dinosaur" Make sure you call the target a bigot of some kind. All kinds if you can. Theorise as to the target's  perceived personality flaws, or suggest that they perhaps have deep seated 'psychological problems'. (the fact that the mob decries "mental health stigma" is one factor in a spectrum of contrasting assertions which the mob decry See also "victim blaming" . This is best ignored for now as it's not helpful to the mob ethos. The mob is always right) Basically use anything which promotes the idea that the target is not a human being, a person of value, or capable of emotion or pain. Key phrase to use about the target is "passive aggressive" 

10) Confirm that the leader is a “truth talker” and most definitely also a victim of the target.  The target is now “the enemy”. If the target argues back against the leader they are "bullying them"

11)   Prepare for battle.

12)  As the leader strikes look out for the key phrase “check your privilege” This idea and notion once used to identify power imbalance has now been co-opted to attack anyone deemed to have transgressed. If the target replies in defence against the leader they are "bullying them".

13)   Attack target. (Any dissent must be attacked or ignored. The target has been deemed “deserving”)

14)   Converse with others also attacking the target. Perhaps make up false claims and mock the targets efforts to defend themselves. 

15)   Tweet the leader praising them for their “truth talking” and mocking the target. Also be sure to alert the leader to your own and others progress. If possible start a rumour that people are being suspended from twitter, or that the target is deleting their tweets. This is vital as it reminds everyone that the target is a bully with power who will lie to cover up their actions. It's not true but is effective as this further justifies your mob behaviour. 

16)   Receive praise from the leader, which is in fact another opportunity to praise the leader in return.

17)    After several hours become bored and desist. This is end phase mobbing known as 'post mob post mortem'.
Post Mob Post-Mortem-Affirm the leaders tweets about themself. There will be concerned tweets from the leader. They will send sympathy for those also "attacked" by the target. Check that everyone else is ok and recognise how much your leader "has your back". Your leader cares about you. It's the target they don't care about. The target deserves this "monstering". If doubt creeps in just return to the leaders timeline where lots of "evidence" will be provided. (refer to the blogs and RT's to strengthen your resolve. remember the target is a "bully". This is vital. Ignore the fact that they are one person and you are a mob. These are facts and details, therefore irrelevant.)

18)   Pat yourself of the back for a job well done.  Hopefully said target will have removed them self from Twitter temporarily. They will definitely have felt hounded, isolated, and distressed. This is of course the main aim.

19)  Feel no remorse or guilt or regret for your actions. This person “deserves” this treatment. They have “asked for it”. You have served them with justice. Feel proud and brave especially if you are tweeting anonymously. 

20)   The greatest Victory a Twitter mob member can enjoy is when a Target deletes their account. This is silencing on the grandest scale and you can bask in the glow of knowing that you were a small but vital part of making life online a “better” place to be, especially for women.  

Recognise that many Twitter mob members are women and that many twitter mobs target women into silence. Ignore this recognition. In your mind they "deserve it".

Above all feel proud, that you are being "strong and courageous" and making life "so much better for everyone" Smile and acknowledge your power. Above all hope that it never happens to you....

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  1. Good analysis, but not just of twitter mobs, out in the big playground world it also works like this IMHO