Friday, 29 August 2014

The day job.

The kitchen phone was ringing as Sarah came in through the front door. It was pouring with rain outside and she dropped her coat and bag in the hallway as she ran to answer it.
“Hello” she panted into the phone.
Her husband John’s voice was gently teasing “I’d thought you left me, that was ringing for ages. I nearly gave up”
“Oh hi I’m so sorry I was walking the dog. I just got through the door”
“Well that’s a relief, “ He said.
Sarah smiled “Oh good. Are we ok? I’m sorry about the row last night”
“Don’t worry at all, it happens. Just as long as you know that I love my girl”
Sarah sat down her eyes suddenly filled with tears. “Things are finally sorting themselves out now I think, after everything, I think we’ll both be ok,” she said
There was a pause then John said, “I’m sorry about everything, Sarah I want you to know that. Tell me what I mean to you.”
Sarah began to talk about their lives, how much she loved him, how they would be ok and how sorry she was again for everything they were both going through. She talked about their life together and her hopes for the future.
She repeated how much she loved him and gave him again the reassurance her husband wanted so badly whenever he called from the car on his journey home.
It had become a recent and regular habit of his, this call.
“Thank you Sarah” he said “you have no idea what this means to me. Thank you again. The traffic is getting heavier now so I’ll go and I’ll see you soon.” Then more faintly, he added, “God I love you so much”
Replacing the receiver Sarah put her head in her hands and wept.
John pressed the button ending the hands-free call to Sarah. He looked through the windscreen into the empty car-park he was parked in and sighed with pleasure. 
Then he looked down to the woman who was continuing to give him a blowjob.
“God, I'm a terrible liar” he said smiling and closing his eyes.
As the rain intensified outside, in the back seat of John’s car the voice recorder that Sarah had placed there, buried deep in the lining of his workbag, continued to listen.

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