Thursday, 16 June 2016

13 days before Emily is homeless, we finally hear from Andy Begley.

I received the following email at 19.47pm on Thursday 16th June. At a time when we have no way of talking to anyone.

After 6 months of being told Emily would be found a property via Housing Services at Shropshire Council, it would appear they are no longer going to be involved with this. We were never told. We were told Shropshire Council were working in partnership with the CCG and we were allocated a Housing officer to source Emily a home.

With just 13 days before Emily is homeless, we now have no idea where we are going to be getting a property from. 
No mention is made of a housing provider. 
No mention is made of who we are to liaise with or speak to other than the CCG, which in terms of accommodation is completely new information. 
We are not aware that the CCG own any property that Emily would be able to move into in 13 days time. Probably because they don't.
No mention is made of whether the application for housing benefit which the housing officer told us we would be applying for, is going ahead or not.

We now don't know if we can still speak to the housing officer or if Emily still has a profile on Homepoint, which is the website and process to bid for social housing. Homepoint as far as we are aware, is provided by Shropshire Council.

We feel we have been cut adrift, that Shropshire Council have taken their "Housing officer ball" back and dealt us the added cruelty of the timing of the email, which means we have no one to talk to, at this time of night.

Is this anyway to treat a vulnerable 19 year old, learning disabled, autistic woman with epilepsy? Is this any way for the Council to treat their residents of Shropshire.  I'm posting it on my blog in the hope that someone will be able to advise us.

Please help as our local authority seem unwilling to do so now, by their own statement. It would have been nice if they had managed to spell our name correctly but that is simply the insult they have added to our grievous injury of wasted, precious time.  



Dear Mrs Clarke

I am writing to explain as clearly as possible the Council’s position with regard to your daughter’s situation. Emily has, as you know, been assessed as meeting the criteria for NHS Continuing Health Care and therefore it is the responsibility of the Shropshire CCG to meet all her health and associated care and support needs, including reasonable accommodation. Staff within Adult Social Care and Housing, have sought to assist in this process by identifying what we think to be suitable premises where your daughter’s care and accommodation can be provided, but it is up to the CCG to decide whether or not it wishes to pay for this.

We are not responsible for meeting Emily’s health needs and have only become involved in an attempt to assist. I have liaised over the past few days with senior managers at the CCG and can confirm that they will remain the responsible organisation for managing Emily’s care arrangements (including accommodation requirements), and I understand that (name removed) will be contacting you as soon as possible.  To confirm; Adult Social Care is not responsible for the coordination and management of Emily’s package of care, please raise any questions or concerns you have over your daughter’s care and accommodation with the CCG, directly.

Yours sincerely

Andy Begley

Ffion Watson
PA to Director of Adult Services"


  1. Unbelievable, just un-bloody-believable. This, plus this statement from Shropshire Council , is just window dressing, buck-passing & prolonging the agony & emotional stress..

    Just wish I could wave a wand and make everything better.

    Stay strong & remember there's an awful lof of folk thinking of you & your family. :-) xx

  2. While the content of the email may be technically correct about where the statutory duty to cover costs lies, all council staff share a responsibility for implementing person centred support, whichever body foots the bill.

    It would be a reasonable adjustment to CCG and Council services to join up to provide autistic people with both good notice of change and choice in any change of housing and support.

    Disabled people generally don't give a damn which accounting column their support is paid from, but being treated like a human being and not a bill is just basic courtesy. :(

  3. I hope you have a lawyer. Judicial review of the CCG for failing to meet Emily's needs as she has been assessed to meet the criteria for Continuing Healthcare. Contact Irwin Mitchell solicitors if you don't have a lawyer. So sorry this is happening to you and Emily, hope this helps x

  4. I could find emily a home but it would require her to move to the lincolnshire area. please get in touch