Sunday, 12 February 2017

The online sorting hat.

When the internet was invented,
it could never have been known,
That women would barge in there and just make themselves at home.

But they did and no one stopped them
and they’re everywhere now you see.
It’s just awful, even CAPS LOCK can’t prevent their tyranny.

But the fight back is determined
with a voice sung loud and free,
Men are rising like a phoenix from the ashes of masculinity

So what follows is the story of the brave,
The bold, the few,
Just remember women reading, that the tormentor here is you......

He explains that you’re the problem,
You’re the reason for the fight,
He is vocal you are vocal but this means that he is right.

He will tell you he is nervous,
Of your subjectivity,
He is only trying to help you but you just won’t let it be.

He instructs and give you censure,
For the passion you possess,
He is angry, you are angry but remember you are less.

He will offer bland opinion,
Of where you went wrong today,
He is sad that you won’t listen and you won’t do things his way.

He is weary of the women,
Who like you will speak their mind,
He is speaking you are speaking but you’re wrong, I think you’ll find.

He will bask in appreciation,
Of the people who agree,
He is relieved that their intelligence understands equality.

He will detail to be helpful,
All the qualities you lack,
He is certain, you are certain but it’s him under attack.

He has emotions and shows kindness
To himself and when when he snaps,
He was driven to it really, it was you who set the traps.

He feels exasperation,
At the issues which waste his time,
He has opinions, you have opinions but you always cross his line.

He is full of admiration,
For the women who comply,
He is patient in explaining that you should give that a try.

So the moral of this story, is one both old and true,
Some men are still just sexist,
Fuck that shit, keep being you.

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