Sunday, 10 July 2011

The News of The World

The news is earth shattering, many are crying as they wonder how they will fill their time and what will become of them. Friendships forged over several years and skills learned and valued, are lost probably forever. Many wonder how they will afford the things they need now that their income has been compromised.

All this they know has come about not because of their actions but because those in charge have decided that they are expendable. They are an impediment to a wider agenda a debt to be paid to ensure bigger and better things can be accomplished.

Some are frightened, all are disbelieving.

Many will spend their time at home wondering how it happened.

The service users of the Grange Day Centre the only centre for physically disabled adults in Shropshire, which is closing due to the cuts,  are no match for an all powerful council hell bent on their agenda.

So on the 29th July after 25 years the doors will close for the last time. Who weeps for them?

There is no thank you just a goodbye