Monday, 13 February 2012

Love is all you need.

Enforced love and the celebration of it has made Valentines Day a bit of a reality tv star these days.  Famous and known to all but the reasons for it are unclear.

The origins of St Valentine seem to suggest a group rather than an individual is responsible for the naming of the day and like many traditions the genesis of this tradition lies in the Church.

Chaucer too seems to mark it out as worthy of observing and I prefer the notion of a writer claiming our tradition.

Valentines day when I was younger (single) seemed like one long love fest of nauseating competition.

I’m sure like bed post notches it was simply bollocks bragged by people too young to fully understand their own ludicrousness but it remains and prospers still on the notion of coupledom as King. Whilst those whose lives remain happilly or unhappily single, simply ignore it or get through it.

If Valentines day is Christmas then the hearts and flowers and champagne and chocolates are the equivalent of the fantasy land John Lewis ad.  Anyone with experience of children will tell you that the idea of giving rather than receiving presents is one which features further down the list of our young than voluntarily cleaning their bedrooms.

Anyway if we’re going to choose a writers endorsement of a named day to spread love can we not have a more modern character. How about a Malcom Tucker Day? We could send anonymous expletive fuelled messages to one another?  

Mind you if that was the case we could simply call it Twitter day.

Or and stay with me here, we could actually be a little more loving to one another all the time.

I love, love. I tell everyone who means something to me that they do all the time. It doesn’t diminish love as a concept or as a bond stronger than titanium to spread the notion of lives improved by others. Love survives all separation. Even death.

As we rush and fuss through life with a weather eye on the attainments of others in case they outstrip and shadow our own, we forget that connections with others are our greatest joy. 

Telling people that their life is of value because of the contribution they make in enhancing yours is crucial especially now with hate on the rise.

Anyway that’s my suggestion.  Give it a go. You’ll be amazed.