Monday, 6 February 2012

What have we become?

Remember compassion? We used to have that in the good old days. Maybe like white christmasses it is a construct of memory that didn’t really happen but neither did "jokes" like this one. I remember the good old days when Satire was reserved for politicians. Whilst Frankie does Cameron's bullyboy dirty work I fail to see his point.

As reality bites down hard with the first wave of cuts the scapegoat of choice is unbelievable to me.

Disabled people.

Mocking the potentially (and in some cases actually) vulnerable -the go to guy for school yard foulness has in a breathless display of entitlement and elitism not seen since the T4 euthanasia programme taken centre stage again.

The results, which I and many others like me have long predicted are bearing fruit. Disabled people are routinely being attacked on our streets.

Disabled people. Not bankers, not racists, not homophobes, not extreme fundamentalist Christians hissing and spitting their purile venom, but disabled people.

Their crime, scream the abusers, is simple. They claim benefits. Justifiable, life enhancing, socially inclusive benefits which enable them to live and work and contribute. That is one Tax Payers Alliance I can get on board with.

Yet when so many cuts are being rolled out, the one cut we all need to see apart from banker bonuses, is disablist propaganda which screams from the rooftops that people like my children should remain imprisoned by their condition.

"The world" say the rhetoric fuelled politicians "does not owe them a living".

 Of course it fucking does. We are not all born equal. Those of us not currently disabled owe a huge debt of compassion and support and solidarity to those of our fellow human beings who need us.

"Genuinely disabled people", claim the politicians "will be protected". This is the biggest lie they have yet peddled. No one is safe- not from the whispering campaigns,the right wing media, nor the jack booted private companies tramping across the welfare system.

There really is profit from misery and those of us not currently disabled are paying with our moral core as we watch the coalition playing Russian roulette with disabled peoples lives.

Don’t believe the hype. From the jokes on our TV screens to the votes in our House of Commons if we believe or repeated this myth we are all of us responsible.
Don't believe the hype.