Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The blame game excuses.

‘You made me do it”.

I’m 45 I’ve either heard these things over the years or had these things related to me as reasons their partners give for their behaviour (men and women).

Here are the excuses people give for doing what they want to -nobody makes them :

You got fat.

You got thin.

You got old.

You remind me I’m old.

You’re too obsessed with you looks.

You’ve let yourself go.

You were pregnant.

You had a baby.

You don't know what you're doing with the baby, leave it to me.

You never help me with the baby.

You couldn’t get pregnant.

You couldn’t get me pregnant.

It's what my parents wanted to hear and we were going to get engaged eventually what's the problem.

You had a career.

You held me back in my career.

You disagreed with me.

You were too passive.

You don’t fit in with my new friends.

You made new friends.

You wanted me to.

You didn’t want me to.

You wanted to have children.

You didn’t want to have children.

You wanted to have more children.

You didn’t want to have more children.

I need some time on my own.

You don’t want to spend time with me.

I was angry I have a right to be angry.

You were angry you have no right to be angry.

You made me angry.

You don’t have a job.

You have a job and don’t have time to do the housework.

You’re obsessed with your job.

You don’t have any ambition.

You’re too obsessed with the housework and ignore me.

You don’t bother with the housework I feel pressured.

You embarrass me when you try and make jokes.

You have no sense of humour.

You’re funnier than me.

You’re too opinionated.

You don’t have any opinions.

You don’t care about me.

You fuss too much you’re smothering me.

You went away for work and neglected me.

I went away for work and I was lonely.

You don’t think I’m special enough.

You worship me it’s irritating.

They’re young and enthusiastic and impressed by me.

You’re trying to be young it’s embarrassing; no one’s impressed by that.

You don’t care about my feelings.

You interrogate me about my feelings.

You don’t understand me.

You understand me too well and criticise me.

You don’t seem to realise that I’m tired all the time.

You’re always tired it’s boring.

I’d been drinking it’s not my fault.

You’d been drinking and embarrassing me.

You spend too much time with your family.

You’re not interested in spending time with my family.

Your family is always here interfering in our lives.

Your family are never supportive or helpful.

You deserved it.

I deserve better than this.

You changed.

You haven’t changed.

I’ve changed.

You want me to change.

I need a change.

You needed putting in your place.

You have no right to speak to me like that.

You’re always drawing attention to yourself.

You’re too shy.

You brought this on yourself.

You blame me for everything.

It’s your own fault.