Friday, 16 March 2012

Compassion has been the biggest cut of all.

I'm calling a state of the species meeting

1)When did we decide that evolution of the heart has been superceded by the exponential evolution of unkindness and bullying.

2) Compassion is not an either or situation fighting for the rights of people ALL people doesn't remain the exclusive territory of those with cognitive ability or a high IQ or those with perfect features, undiminshed senses or lack of impairment/disability.

3) Love does not belong to heterosexuals.

4)Marriage does not belong to heterosexuals.

5)Parenting does not belong to heterosexuals.

6) Rape is the fault of RAPISTS not those who are raped.

7)Age is not a problem or a burden to the rest of us. Women age so do men. Their value should be embraced equally.

8) Television especially news has a duty to the people not the government.

9) Religion and the lack of it is a personal choice. No one can prevent you worshipping as you wish. You are made religious not the other way around. Religious rules are guidelines to be followed by those who choose to.Not imposed on govenrment. They have no place in framing legislation, denying science or ordering women what they can and can't do with their own bodies.

10) The human body is the property of the owner.  You alone have the right to choose what happens to it.You can change it. Remove what you wish from it or add to it as you decide. Not anyone else. Your body cannot be beaten or broken or changed because someone else decides it should be.

11) If you have skin of a different colour, love for someone of the same gender, or disabled from birth or in life, no-one has the right to hate you because of this. You are normal they are not.

12)Politicians work for the people not the other way around.

13)Animals are sentient creatures. They are not the property of the fashion or beauty industry. Their skin is there to keep them warm their eyes are there to see more than a lab technician and a cage.

14)Trans people are not punchbags. They are not justifiable targets.

15)Women ARE funny. They are more than a pair of exposed breasts in a national "newspaper". It's not "art" it's not a "tradition worth keeping" it's objectifying sexism and it's holding all women back from achieving equality in thought and deed.

16) Compassion is not the property of the weak or the failure. It's the only civilising barrier to the rise of hatred we have left. Don't let it be eroded.

17)Be kind imagine yourself as much less certain of any bigoted views you possess. Do that daily don't just attack as a reflex.

18)Our time is short use it well. Use it to make a small or a big difference to the lives of others.

19)Selfishness kills.