Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The reason I need a break.

I found this horrible conversation and more like it after one of the participants linked to my blog. I clicked on stats on my blog and the link took me to a comedy forum which prides itself on being expert on comedy.

 Strangely they have a nice line in discussing me, a carer and disability rights campaigner. I  found more  hateful nonsense like this on there and more on the timeline.

It's cruel, untrue and totally warped interpretations of a simple interview and a positive review of Derek.

I campaign against this sort of bullying and for no reason other than the positive blog about a TV show have had my whole personality and campaigning reduced to vile myth and rumour. This is bullying, it's sexist and foul.

One of the participants was tweeting Isabel Fay complimenting her on her great film, yet he was more than happy to conduct himself in this way about me.

It's worth asking why, for nothing more than a positive appraisal of a kind representation of a vulnerable character, I've drawn such loathing but there we are.