Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fake disabled in clover

image credited to Kaliya Franklin and Left out in the cold campaign*

From "shirkers to workers",
The government tell us,
It's time to start paying the debt

They dictate bank defecit,
 paid back with benefits
clawed back from those easy to 'get'.

Look at Wall street not skid row,
"You're faking we do know,
You're lying not dying",
Yet quickly they let go.

The hope stolen from "them",
A tick from a death pen,
Their own Dr's ignored,
impairments are not scored,
The lists are all lengthening,
Tabloids are mentioning,
Over and over,
"Fake Disabled in clover"

The man at The Maudsley,
sectioned, yet broadly 
believed to be "fit',
in this climate so shit
That even the dying,
suffer "sickness denying"

Whose targets, they claim,
Don't exist and the blame.
we hear over and over,
"Fake disabled in Clover."

The assessment centres, 
are just benefit preventers,
Fulfilling their targets,
For the moral free markets,

Which puts all the profits,
In deep velvet pockets,
To add to the Trillions,
off shore Yet the millions, 
disabled and fightened,
See the criteria tightened.

With the Tabloids all teeming
with headlines, all screaming
"You're all "just faking",
cheated money you're taking"

Over and Over 
"Fake Disabled in Clover'

Centres inaccessible,
and all "responsible",
People are waiting,
All the welfare state hating.

"You have to perform,
For  this benefit form,"
They sit and they watch,
"Make a fist, lift a box"

As the clocks mark the time,
of the lengthening line
of those fragile lives,
and those widowed wives.

The desolate mother
will never recover,
from the loss of her son.
not the fortunate one
because his hidden cause,
breaks austerity 'laws'.

So he takes his leave,
writes a note,
and they grieve,
that he wasn't believed.

Over and Over 
"Fake Disabled in Clover'

"They" are me, we are us,
But who can you trust,

When the last gentle light,
 is extinguished.

*Left out in the cold campaign is challenging the governments approach to welfare reform of disability benefits.