Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Assume the position

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This is Twitter on any given day. From rumour to fact in ten tweets.  These are fictious but  based on my experience and conversations I've witnessed.

Add in a couple of hundred RT's, reproducing exponentially to a couple of thousand and you're there. It's Twitter Norovirus releasing and spreading opinions and bile as fact. Just like with Norovirus the end phase is crap.

@Writer Just saw a woman in the supermarket, slap her child for asking for Chocolate. foul.

@Fan RT @Writer Just Saw a woman in the supermarket slap her child for asking for Chocolate. foul. #poor ? lol

@FanFollower Sorry but @Writer has no right to comment. Note the use of the word woman,  Heard  them “joke” about women before. #sexist

@FanFollowerFollower Oh my God.  It’s also sickening to see them using their pivilege like that. Some people are really struggling. #sexist #privilege

@FanfollowerFollower hey @HighlyReactiveFirestarter have you heard about @Writer ? Tweeting sexism and attacking the poor.

@HighlyReactiveFirestarter Typical I’ve also  heard they  used the word Chocolate? I think it’s fairly obvious the real agenda here #racist

@FanofHighlyReactiveFirestarter OH my god everyone get over to the AMAZING BRILLIANT and BRAVE @HighlyReactiveFirestarter Timeline NOW

@HighlyReactiveFirestarter Please Read/ RT my new blog “Why @Writer is worse than Hitler and how I hope this gets picked up by an online paper" 

@IdiotBystander I think we all owe a huge debt to @HighlyReactiveFirestarter for their blog on @Writer exposing sexist, racist, abuse of the poor.

@Writer Thanks for all the hundreds of tweets of abuse. I can’t be bothered to explain.