Monday, 18 February 2013

Little People UK

Little People UK is a national support group, set up by Warwick and Sammy Davis.

The aim for the organisation, which is soon to be a charity, is to promote education and awareness of issues around dwarfism  and most importantly an inclusive, positive community for little people and their families in the UK.

I asked Katie Purvis committee member and media officer for LPUK for a comment and she sent me this saying i could use as much or as little as I needed.

It's lovely so I included it in full.
"About 15 months ago the phone rang and I was greeted by a very enthusiastic voice, sharing her dream of a group for Little People, run by little people and parents of Little People.  
A group that would support, through friendship and experience, share stories and put people at ease in how to deal with theirs or their child's condition. 

This group would be a positive way forward in a world that had often found awkwardness and embarrassment around dwarfism, with the main goal being that were proud to be Dwarfs.
The caller was my very good friend Sammy, she filled me with excitement and intrigue for this new venture and i knew immediately that i wanted to be part of this vision. 
A few months later our first get together took place and was an immediate success. We had our first convention 7 months later and once again this was greatly supported, and a great time was had by all! 
I met Sammy on a film set back in the 80's whilst I was working alongside both my father Jack Purvis and Sammys dad, Peter Burroughs (both Actors in their own right) and also un-beknown to us at the time her wonderful husband to-be Warwick Davis on a movie called Labyrinth.  
Sammy had come to visit her Dad , and being mostly a male dominated Corps of goblins, (the characters that we were playing in the film), Sammy was a breath of fresh air for me.  I was 18 and the only girl.
As our dads always seemed to be in the same movies, our paths crossed many times and we also found ourselves working on many films, tv and pantos together including a stint together in Snow White with Holiday on Ice.  
Our friendship was an instant bond because of the dwarfism we shared and Sammy, although much younger than myself, was inspirational to me in how she lived her life. 
12 months on from our very first get together officially as a group , we celebrated LPUK's first birthday this month with great support and huge success, along with many people who all have the same aspirations and common goals, to do away with ignorance and raise awareness. and together we hope this is just the beginning."  Katie Purvis

Click on the links to hear my interviews with members.

Francesca Mills and Leah Flack

Rebecca Nuttall

Donna and Pete Bonner

After just one year Little People UK has already established itself as crucial support network for members and their families.

The Little People website details the intention for the organisation:
"Little People UK was launched in January 2012. We are an organisation that offers friendship and support to people with dwarfism, their families and friends."
Sammy inited me to LPUK's first birthday party as a guest. I wanted to blog about it because in the difficult and cynical days we're living through, it's a lovely example of an organisation based on a spirit of optimism, compassion, support and empowerment.

Sammy and Warwick and the LPUK team have fully achieved their aim and so much more.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Emily's blog

Hello Emily this a blog Just for you. We love you very much.

Here are some of your favourite things

Honey Honey.

The snow song

A photo of Emily and Daddy

 A photo of Millydog fast asleep at Emily's house

A photo of Emily at Christmas with a new Minnie toy

A photo of Emily and Lizzy

A photo of you and me at the Christmas party

And a song that makes me think of you, called My Girl

We love you so much Emily and we are so proud of you because you are amazing and brilliant and beautiful and funny and kind.

Love Mummy, Daddy, Lizzy and Millydog

kiss kiss kiss woof