Monday, 21 October 2013

Some funny in a list.

So the Telegraph wrote a "Top ten comedians to follow on Twitter thing" they do. Agreed with some thought they'd missed some others

Here's some of mine. They're not all professional comedians but they're all bloody funny.

Effectively what I'm saying is, I think I'm 'better than the Telegraph'.....

David Baddiel:
He writes "a bit" and campaigns against the use of the Y word in football. He get's a lot of crap for that.

Christina Martin:
One woman bundle of funny and activist for learning disabled people, like her brother.

Ricky Gervais:
Apart from all the stuff he does also fierce fighter for animal rights. "May" contain traces of atheism.

Jo Caulfield:
Funny, kind and genuinely interested in other people. Rare that.

kerihw :
Does this-


Does this-

and together they do this

Sarah Silverman:
Because of a lot of stuff.

Tokyo Sexwhale:
Beyond annoyingly funny like this


Stephjl :
Has consented to court him and is funny like this