Monday, 7 April 2014

Music and lyrics

Firmly put back in her place, she wonders, does she know that face,
producing words of pain and haste,
Depressingly familiar.

Time obscures some memory, the truth of what had ceased to be,
It lives this act of cruelty,
Through music.

Does he remember that they said, “The ending of the book ahead,
The pages turned and pages read,
We’ll write it”

A taken chance and now it's done, the truth of what they were, is gone
The battles fought aren’t battles won,
Just shadows.

This woman here, I used to know, she falls as she attempts to go,
Still smiling daily, if as though,
Not broken.

And whilst he’s breathing through the pain, of all the loss, of secret gain
Outside the gentle summer rain,
Falls silent.

When did his life become his plight; a dead man’s walk into the night,
A tortured dream of dynamite,

Now everything that’s left unsaid, a fleeting thought, an unmade bed,
A rainbow's end that empty head,
All broken.