Saturday, 20 September 2014

Will you

Will you know the truth of being held by one who loves you
Do you know the beauty that you have,
Can you see the joy you bring to us, who truly know you
Have you all you need to make you free.

If you feel in pain do others see and understand you,
Do you feel a trust for those who do,
When I let you down do you know first that I am sorry,
Can you feel your strength that we all see.

Do you know your laughter bathes my heart in complex healing,
Can you feel release from all regret,
When your eyes find mine, do they bring comfort from confusion,
Does my promise live in constancy.

Did I do enough to give all that you have needed,
When you turn away do you still see,
Will the world evolve to see you only as I see you,
Can the fight be won eventually

When I take your hand and say the name that we both gave you,
Do you feel the truth that we believe,
If you ever need to know what love is, know this always,
Love is you, and you are all to me.