Friday, 18 September 2015

The wrong sort of woman.

Does my voice offend your ego; have I spoken out of turn?
Are my words clear and uncensored, do they make your anger burn?

Is my colour not your colour, do you have contempt for me?
Is to be white such a triumph, as you review your family tree?

Does my age present a problem; does it wake your bigotry?
Am I dispatched to obsolescence, now I'm decaying "wilfully"?

Do I lack appreciation of any god you call “the one”?
Does her faith conflict with your faith, is it over; have you won?

Is my housework less than thorough, is your dinner not home made?
Is it tiresome after decades, to recall the vows you made?

Is my body less than perfect, so you tell me to my face?
Is my weight such a big problem, that you shame me with disgrace?

Is my sexuality your business; is it fear of me you have?
Do you think to beat and rape me, this will alter who I love?

When I choose not to have children do you think it’s up to you?
Do you own my reproduction and control all that I do?

When I pick up a game controller, is the woman still the toy?
When you leak my name and address, does that action give you joy?

Is your strength your only option, is your dominance gratified?
If you hit me when we argue, do you believe it justified?

As my employer, when you pay me, why is money gendered too?
Do you think, as I'm a woman,  I am worth much less to you?

When you send me threats of violence, do you want to make me cry?
When you call me "feminazi', have you time to own your lie?

Is a woman only someone, who is “born that way” to you?
So you hate me, beat me, kill me, when I tell you what is true?

Is being younger so important, does she reset the clock for you?
Are shared dreams now so exhausting, that you seek out something new?

When you make a list in public detailing all diversity,
Is it so hard to remember to include disability?

When I use social media, why are you so terrified?
When you send me rape and death threats, it proves my point has been applied.

When I question you in public, does that constitute a threat?
Are you so blind to your privilege?

You are no male suffragette.